Three ways America is Fucked (and why we elected him)

Our Confidence

We aren’t aware of our own pain, because it all looks great on Facebook. Our confidence is in the shitter.

Women feel they aren’t skinny enough, or after the debacle, feel they can’t be president. Some think it’s ok for their husband to behave ‘that way.’ We feel we aren’t wealthy enough or aren’t ‘making a difference.’ Our society’s advertised perfection is more than we can achieve.

Our Addiction
We’re face down in our techno-skinner boxes that promise another dopamine hit. Our digitally enhanced lives are overspending, overeating, and binge watching. The more connected we become, the less alive we really are.

You know that guy at the slots in Ceasars? We all think, “Sheesh, I’d never be addicted like that.”

But we are. All of us.



Our Trust 

swampyheads_threewaysamerica3The news sensationalizes scary shit, and of course, we start locking our doors. We stop talking to our neighbors, and to anyone who isn’t just like us.

The greater we fear, the greater we copyright, sue, patton, lock, close borders, put up cameras, put up walls, and reject any idea that isn’t exactly like our own.

1. Our confidence = Fucked


2. Our Addiction = Fucked


3. Our Trust in Others = Fucked


I have to believe that we can change this. We can learn confidence in ourselves and our voices. It’s our right to cry out:

“Trump is an asshole!”

And maybe, just maybe, if I make some stupid drawings of him, you’ll be confident enough to say it too.

Thanks for reading.

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